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What is backlinks in seo and how to create backlinks

By Orbit Brain

What is backlinks in seo and how to create backlinks

What is backlinks in seo and how to create backlinks

What is BackLinks in SEO Example ?

Back links are most important for rank up any websites. What is backlinks in seo this blog is for those persons who want to rank up their website in google. Because google require back links for ranking up legalize. External backlinks meaning out of your website links.

External Backlinks Meaning

Types of backlinks more that is very important if you buy back link with comments from other person then these links are not give you benefit in your website in google. Because all these link are No follow links and google not accept No follow links in ranking up your websites.

How To Create Backlinks For Your Website ?

What is backlinks in seo example and how to create backlinks. Most important thing is if you create back links then you before make sure that when you login any website, this website must high approached, reputation and in high level ranking up.Website URL,DR,PR should be high level. This website should be a year old. Then your back link will be beneficial and rank up.

Example Domain Authority Page Authority DR PRdomain authority page authority

First we write a comment for example ( nice article ) its a comment. Every website have different comments style in different way. Sign in any high level website and make a account. Each website has to create its own separate account through sign in. When you create account then attached this link with comment. When you make a back link then click this link and you automatically go to website.  

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