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What is Difference Between DoFollow Backlinks NoFollow Backlinks

What is Difference Between DoFollow Backlinks NoFollow Backlinks

Understand DoFollow Backlinks NoFollow Backlinks for SEO site linking. What is the purpose of back link link building in websites and other app and how to create it. Many people want to see that how create back links and which backlinks are best in use. what is Do follow and No follow back links. In this blog we guide you about its difference and how can check the Do follow and No follow back links.

What is Difference Between DoFollow Backlinks NoFollow Backlinks:

back links are use in ranking up your websites because without back links your website is not useful in google. So back links are major solution to rank up your websites.There are two way of backlinks Nofollow and Dofollow back links. On the other side i tell you that many people making No follow back links in a high quantity but their website is not in ranking in google and they face many problems. For example one person make 100 back links in his website and on which 95 back links are No follow and remaining 5 back links are Do follow. 95 No follow back links are not benefit in your website while other 5 Do follow back links give benefit of your website in ranking up. Google do not accept No follow back links.

What is The Reason Behind This DoFollow Backlinks NoFollow Backlinks?

For example google go to any page like any article or blog and there google check the comments with back links. Some back links are Do follow and some are No follow back links. Google click the Do follow back link and this link will be open and google automatically go to other website with do crawling. On the other side when google click No follow back link then google go to codding and see Nofollow Link in written. its mean google do not go to other website just stay on this page.

How to Check Dofollow and Nofollow Links?

First go to any back link in any blog and click on this link then right click on inspect element. you see a structure that is open which show Do follow back link. similarly you see Do follow link in any blog. Now Backlinks Checker go to another back link that is No follow link. simple click this link then tight click on inspect element a structure will be open there was written external no follow. This word confirm the google crawler that this back link is No follow back link. Google will not accept this back link. Hope you understand it easily. Do follow back links will give more benefits and rank up your website as well as blog or articles. One thing more that is very important that No follow back link be compulsory for your website but little in quantity.


Nofollow backlinks drive more traffic to your website and pass a huge amount of link juice. Nofollow links are just a sign for search engines saying “Don’t Follow this link” or “Don’t count this”.

To make a nofollow link, a Nofollow tag is used as shown below.

Nofollow link example: <a href=”Domain_name” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor Text</a>

5 Core Benefits of Nofollow backlinks are as Follows:

1. Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic.

2. Makes your Site Look Natural.

3. Increases DA, PA & other Metrics.

4. Builds Authority.

5. Safest tag.

Link building involves a lot of smart work and passes on the benefit to a website by driving huge traffic to the website.

Indexing means listing the website in the search engine result page.

When Google bots are crawling your website or web pages they look for the external links to point to other website or web pages. If the link is “do follow” then search engine will follow the link and so link juice gets passed. For e.g.

<a href=The Industry Defining Domain Name rel=”dofollow”>abc</a>

<a href=The Industry Defining Domain Name rel=”external”>abc</a>

These links are important in terms of SEO as they are tracked by search engines bots and the value (which is called link juice) of the links also gets transferred.

SEO Tip:

Always try to get more “do follow backlinks” from high authority websites. Avoid paid backlinks.

Do follow links are the best for SEO as it passes on the link juice as well as drive a huge amount of traffic on the website just by building backlinks on high authority websites.

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