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Study Gamers & Kids – Kings of YouTube

By Orbit Brain

Study Gamers & Kids – Kings of YouTube

Study Gamers & Kids – Kings of YouTube

Study Gamers & Kids Kings of YouTube analysis analytics video service research. The Pew Research Center has shared the result of analyzing the most popular content on YouTube. Gamers and kids are in favor.

The agency’s experts analyzed more than 40 thousand YouTube channels with a large number of subscribers Study Gamers. During the study, they came to several interesting conclusions. For example, it turned out that the popular video platform has long ceased to be a purely American phenomenon. Among the videos studied in the Study Gamers, only 17% were completely in English.

YouTube analysis analytics video service research

YouTube analysis analytics video service research

Much more interesting was the study of the preferences of the audience. However, in this case we are talking about English content. When analysts studied more than 30 thousand videos on Kings of YouTube, they found out that almost every fifth of them was somehow dedicated to video games Study Gamers. It can be both streaming games and reviews of popular or new projects for PC and consoles . This category by the number of views bypassed video related to the theme of beauty, cars and other vehicles, sports and even music.

Least of all views received videos from the policy section. But by the type of content lead videos that are dedicated to children , and everything connected with them. According to analysts, this content collects three times more views than any other Study Gamers.

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