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Microsoft Touts Skype Meet Now

Microsoft Touts Skype Meet Now

Microsoft Touts Skype Meet Now Recently, Microsoft, in response to the rapid growth in popularity of the Zoom application, decided to launch Skype Meet Now with video conferencing without registration and installation. Thus, this new product from Skype provides the fastest and easiest way to communicate with friends and colleagues. All users need to do is create a conference and share the link. Another advantage of Skype is that it is built into Windows 10.

Skype in time decided to implement this feature to make its service more attractive to a growing number of users. This is due to the fact that recently the number of remote workers has been constantly increasing. Microsoft Touts Skype Meet Now is especially relevant for those who need simple, yet powerful and reliable tools for online conferences.

It is worth saying that the Zoom application has recently become one of the most popular. However, he has a lot of privacy issues. Because of this, SpaceX employees are prohibited from using this application. After that, the developers of this application fixed a number of security problems. In addition, Zoom is often mentioned in social networks and on thematic sites. Despite this, Skype remains one of the most popular and reliable business options.

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Among the particularly useful features in Skype Meet Now are screen sharing. Also, users can view the video call recording after it is completed. It is worth saying that Skype saves all entries for up to 30 days. Moreover, all media files in the conference are stored even longer. This service is already available as an application for Android and iOS mobile devices. Also access to the service can be obtained from the official website.

To start a conference in Skype Meet Now you need to click on a special button and invite other users. To do this, use a simple link or click on the “share” button. In this case, the invited conference participants, when clicking on the link, an application or web client will be launched.

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