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Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving

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Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving

Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving

Charna Island is the place dream where people want to go for enjoyment. Charna Island is the hidden place in the Arabian Sea. This place is the best famous and most popular for Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving trips best picnic points in karachi. Natural place with shinning Sky large mountains, clear sky blue water at churna island. Every person want to see natural places and wonderful scenes best one of picnic places in karachi.

Best time to go Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba:

The best time of enjoyment for every visitors in the months of November till April. Charna island snorkeling scuba diving cliff diving It is a phenomenon thing that water is so hot seems like warm during the winter in these months .
April the best duration for visiting.

Charna Island Weather:

The weather of charna island usually change according to the every month. During the winter weather is cool but water of sea usually warm. Some time heavy rain start. But in summer the temperature is hot and water of sea is cool. High and low tides of sea make the visitors excited at churna island. Clear blue sky is shining in the summer. When waves of sea on the high peak then the Navy of Pakistan close the way that going to charna island.

Charna Island Karachi Location Map:

Charna Island Karachi Location MapCharna Island is located near the mubarak village Karachi Goth as kaimari in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. It is a small island located in the Arabian Sea. At the boundary between Baluchistan and Sindh, 9 kilometers west of the south of Manjhar Beech.

Churna Island Snorkeling Mask and Diving:

Churna Island Snorkeling Mask and DivingA tube for a swimmer to breath through while under water is called snorkeling gear. The practice of swimming for visitors. When your body moving in the water with diving snorkeling mask . A wet suit may also be worn in the cool water .without diving snorkel mask you can not see the scene under water. Slander are also use during scuba diving.

Cliff Diving or Cliff Jumping:

Cliff Diving or Cliff JumpingIt is the place where you jump in the Sea is called cliff at charna island. When you dive into the clear blue water from the height of 30-50 feet. People wear the dive suit before to go to cliff.

Trip To Charna Island Cave:

Churna Island CaveChurna Island explore the caves. It is the hidden place from naked eye. Our aircraft will take you deep into the heart place of the mountain.

Selfie Into Underwater Photography:

Underwater PhotographySelfie best time start when you enjoy the activities at charna island. Most amazing way when you take the pictures into the under water. It will take good memories with you for many years. You enjoy taking the selfie during the diving under water.

Food Point:

It is best place for the refreshments for every visitor. Super and fast food available at charna island. Good platform of lunch at this time.

Transportation and Riding Boats:

Transportation also available in this travel. Air conditioned buses will be taken the visitors at charna island. These buses will take you to the place Mubarak village Manjhar kott beech. Through buss take time one hour to go Mubarak village approximately. And one hour travel in boat from Mubarak village to charna island. local boats will take visitors of dream place at charna island.

Charna Islands Fishing Point:

Charna Islands Fishing PointBest fishing point is the charna island. The visitors go for enjoyment and catch the fishes. Visitors take the grabbed nut for catch the fishes and dropped the bait into the water. Many ambitious person catch the fishes during the entertainment charna fishing weather.

Some Important Things:


  • Fleece/Sweaters.
  • Gloves (Highly Recommended).
  • Muffler (Highly Recommended).
  • Beanie (Highly Recommended).
  • Hand wash – Soap – Sanitizer.
  • Wipes.
  • Tooth paste and all other necessities.
  • Sun Block and Sun glasses.

Wonderful scene are in deep sea that is unbelievable. Jumping on the mountain is a fun that visitor create it with full enjoyment. Some instructions are most compulsory for the visitors. Instructor are available at charna island for proper guidance of the visitors. Rope is also available for jumping. A small hut and washroom for changing the diving suit. Safety ball also use during the dangerous situations. Security person present under water and outside the water.

Churna Island Packages Price and Services:

Every weekend and every holiday or any special holiday as you want to go Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba.
Mourning to evening time ( full day )
Winter season ( November to April )
Join individual person or in groups

Churna Island Snorkeling Price

Churna Island Scuba Diving Price

One Person Price 3500 Rupee PKROne Person Price 6000 Rupee PKR

Procedure Online Payment:
Before going to trip payment must send to the company account within 24 hours.
Fill the registration form with the name of participation or contact number for more detail our representative contact to you.

    Book Now Your Trip

    Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba Including Service both Packages.

    Restaurant & BoatBasin Nihari in the restaurant of Clifton. Pick & drop from Gulshan usmania coaster ( Daewoo, Hi-ace) buses available.
    * Dive mask with snorkeling kit and life jacket( for non swimmers) wet dress ( for cold weather) snorkel for breathing in under water.
    * Ride boat to charna island with return to beach. One hour time required to go island and one hour to back beach.
    * Some instructors guide male and female during swimming under water.
    * Safety instructors are also guide during cliff jumping with multi shot photography.
    * Refreshment services provide according to your requirement.

    More Services Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba:

    JET SKI RIDE (Additional Charges 1500/- Per head)




    Speed Boats Available on Additional (Hourly rental)

    Speed Boats Available

    Cruise Boats On Rent

    Cruise Boats On Rent

    Any More Discussions Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba:

    What is safe for non-swimmers ?
    It is a safe and joyful with the expectation and skillful ocean. Especially including life jackets for under water sporting purpose.

    How much lower water for snorkeling area ?
    Approximately water is deep about the length 10 to 18 feet. It is the exact adaptation for the enjoyment of snorkeling under water. Moreover, the safety gear make the person consideration or irrespective of the depth.

    How many boundaries in ocean will be free ?
    Of course, guidance ropes have follow of you that is fix on water to snorkeling area.

    Can I swim alone under water ?
    There is no permission anyone to swim alone under water. Without any instructor, guidance or within the boundaries. It’s a dangerous area for alone person.

    Can I bring my swimming dress ?

    Yes you bring any type of dress ( full sleeve must compulsory ) like shorts, trousers and T- shirt, tights etc. Company provide you the wet suit that is especially designed for snorkeling in cold under water.

    How will i swim next step or forward in water ?
    It is very easy way to forward or move under water by pulling the ropes that is fixed on the surface.

    What should not bring with us ?
    Drugs and alcohol are not allowed during the trip. Any other dangerous things are also not allowed.

    What are the compulsory thing for this trip ?
    National identity card, sun block, cap, towel, sun glasses, hand free with mobile phone for the enjoyment to the trip journey. Personal drink water bottles also with you.

    Can I bring my photos camera ?
    You can bring water proof camera with you because water proof camera is better to use under water.

    Is parking area available on pick & drop on point ?
    Parking for pick & drop are also available on point. It’s all responsible the owner of company.

    Can we book private trip for enjoyment ?

    This facilities provide for all the people also. Any person or groups booking private trip on any day. It will be design according to your package or requirement. But confirm about the trip to company.

    Is this cliff jumping safe ?
    If you follow the rules and regulations of safety instructor. It will safe you any dangerous situations.

    Have any age limit for this trip ?
    Small kids are not allow for this trip. Maximum 10 year age limit is required.

    Is this trip safe and secure from natural hazards ?
    Company consider scientific weather forecast and informative representative of that area before going the trip if weather is risky then company postpone the going trip.

    Is the travel safe on way ?
    The travel with grouping in daylight to prevent any risk on way.

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