» » Dana Meadows Kaghan Valley Solo Trek

Dana Meadows Kaghan Valley Solo Trek

Dana Meadows Kaghan Valley Solo Trek

Dana Meadows Kaghan Valley Solo Trek. Allah Blessed me with a journey to Kaghan Valley and took me to Danna Meadows.

Danna Meadows Northern Pakistan is located at a 4 to 5 hour trek from khannian(8Km Before Kaghan). There used to be a road here but it as was gone in the floods of 2010. Now there is a new road that is on its way and should be open by mid/late 2019.

This used to be a famous spot and people came here like they come to siri paya, come in a jeep stay for a while and then head back but now its a forgotten Gym. I would like to encourage you to add this to your next season’s wishlist.

They way to the Dana Meadows Kaghan Valley Solo Trek is super scenic and there is a village of Chattrah which is situated on a slope enad it faces sun in way that morning and evening golden hours would look just amazing there.

The place is full of wild life and the snow on the meadow was full of sinister food steps but no human footsteps what so ever. It was super quiet and just amazing up there. I stayed there for 4 hours before I went back. Its quiet massive and has an upper meadow as well like paya.

All the Praise Belongs to Allah

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