» » Azad Kashmir – A Blessed Story Valley Kashmir

Azad Kashmir – A Blessed Story Valley Kashmir

Azad Kashmir – A Blessed Story Valley Kashmir

Azad Kashmir A Blessed Story Valley Kashmir has been suffering from worst violence and overwhelming circumstances for decades. India is constantly trying to make demographic changes while generation of Kashmiris. Continuing the years of Indian army on Kashmir, the culture, life and Kashmir economy is causing a hazardous reputation. (Azad kashmir map
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After dividing in 1947, the path of occupation was reduced to the half of Kashmir for India. This long occupation has made the worst impact on the social and economic life of Kashmiri people. Historically, dozens of resolutions have been presented to settle this long conflict between India and Pakistan and Kashmiris for their basic human rights, right survival and self-determination.

But despite the over the past decade, Indian domination on Kashmir continues to harm the region’s social, cultural and economic infrastructure. It is also a debate that many resolutions of mass resolution for Kashmir dispute were based on the political and strategic dimensions of this region, while emphasis on the social and economic aspects of the Kashmiri people and the region’s self-determination was emphasized.

In a historical context that under which the resolution of the dispute was presented, it is essential for Pakistan to isolate Kashmir’s social and economic aspects completely from political and strategic importance to present Kashmir’s problems. Create a comprehensive approach. Apart from this, Pakistan also needs to focus on this section of Kashmir that is, for example, Azad Jammu & Kashmir – it needs to be an important development strategy.

In this comprehensive approach to conflicts, Pakistan can combine various aspects of Jammu and Kashmir history, location, culture, lifestyle, economy and cultural heritage. Apart from this, in the dispute resolution, the possibility of a “social and economic sampling” in the dispute resolution, will also emphasize the cultural connotation of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the occupied Kashmir in the global community.

The charming Arthi Khodhal of Azad Kashmir spreading from Himalayas to Parpengalal can be attractive to tourists who want to enjoy the magnificent scenes. Kashmir has been awarded natural and cultural places, not just tourism, but it can also help in strengthening Kashmir’s widows.

By establishing its sub-institutions here, Pakistan media can present natural beauty of the valley in front of the world if working on the wonderful, heavenly views of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, Pakistan’s television production houses can start various programs for the natural beauty of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and the culture of the people here.

From those steps where a spectacular valley is seen in front of the global community, people of Kashmir will also be attentive. Local population should have opportunities in drama and filmmaking work in the production houses

Apart from natural scenarios, Azad Kashmir 74 percent rate is labor-rich with literacy and in the financial year 2017-18, the Azad Kashmir government has allocated 8% of its total budget for education. This great workforce with best literacy can be organized to offer Kashmir dishonor

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Universities in Pakistan can create a Student Exchange program by the private business sector’s sharing process, helping to enhance the interconnected understanding of people of Azad Kashmir and learn from life and culture in people from other parts of Pakistan. Will have an opportunity

In Azad Jammu culture, craftsmen, languages, dishes, dresses, festivals and dancing is found to be a glamorous mixture, which eagerly enrich its culture. Azad Kashmir crafts industry can be used to improve the social and economic condition of the people. Karachi’s business organizations can mobilize investments in the handsy craft industry and cooperate in the stable economic well-being of Kashmir people.

Azad Kashmir has been awarded rich minerals in which precious stones are important. There are still 157 million tons (70 billion rupees) of the mineral reserves discovered. Which can reach 264 million tonnes of potentially increased reserves. These minerals include oreutut, and other precious stones. These extraordinary deposits of local resources can increase the rate of exchange and employment opportunities in skilled labor force.

Apart from this, 642% area of Azad Kashmir is covered by wild. It is beneficial from the global perspective that these wild resources can be used as carbon credits for commercial purposes.

In addition, the scholars and intellectuals from Pakistan and India have started joint venture plans regarding Kashmir’s urgent need to create and promote content based on subject matter, by publishing it, awareness of community consciousness. Can play for the role

For better future and prosperity, it will be possible for people to move forward to their passion and sincerity for the sake of hope for optimism. It is hope that leads people to the heights of thought beyond the limits of traditional thinking. Kashmir-related utopian literature will create a hope in the people how this region can get development and prosperity as it resolves, and it can compel both societies and states to find a sustainable solution to the oldest conflict.

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By implementing a policy based on socio-economic model planning for Kashmir, if Pakistan builds a sustainable development model in Azad Kashmir weather, its global references will be stronger than this. Which will also help in presenting the public and region’s story globally on social and economic issues

It is important for Pakistan to convince the international community the hidden facts about Kashmir. Kashmir is a cultural heritage, it is the center of cultures and religions. From Buddhism to Hindustan and Islam, mixture of religious religions in Kashmir is a charming social harmony. And therefore, highlighting the social economic patterns of Kashmir in relation to the importance of Kashmir, our full focus should be focused on the sustainable development of the region and the resolution of peace for peace.

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