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New Zealand Capital Wellington New Zealand

New Zealand Capital Wellington New Zealand

Capital of New Zealand Wellington. Has been established since 1865. First capital of New Zealand was Okiato in 1840. Then second capital was Auckland. Established from 1841 to 1865. The parliament of the New Zealand was moved. To Wellington permanently for a decade.

Wellington New Zealand Map.

Three Australian commissioners was. Decided to select this capital Wellington. Wellington is the capital that is famous. Populous of urban areas of the New Zealand. This city Wellington is at the south western of North island.

New Zealand.

The population of the urban areas is 395600. And the citizens population of this city is 202200 people almost. The urban areas of the city Wellington. Is the major population center of the southern North island. The Wellington region which added the urban areas. And covers the Kapiti coast and Wairarapa.

Wellington New Zealand Population.

New Zealand capital Wellington population. Wellington is the new capital of New Zealand. It’s population is growing rapidly. According to 2018 population of Wellington is estimated at 411,346. In the era of 1950 the city Wellington population was 132,654. But with the passage of time Wellington population has grown by 9469 since the year 2015. The annual is increasing 0.78%. Auckland was the previous capital of New Zealand with the population of 1.5 million in its urban area.

Wellington City New Zealand Time.

Wellington Location: The capital of New Zealand Wellington situated near the North island’s southernmost point on the cook strait. Remutaka range also near the capital Wellington.

The urban areas including four areas. Wellington was classified in 2008. As a Gamma world city is also in the world cuties. In 2010 Wellington ranked survey 12th in the world. The coolest little and beautiful capital Wellington. Referred the visitors in 2011 around its top 10 cuties.

Wellington in 1865 became the capital of New Zealand. Auckland New Zealand was replaced. When the capital in 1841 had been placed by William Hobson. Parliament of the New Zealand first time met on 7 July 1862 in Wellington.

Wellington was not the official capital for three more years. Prim Minister of the New Zealand Alfred. Demott before parliament met in Auckland. Several commissioners was invented from the country Australia. Who declared that the Wellington was a suitable. Location central in the New Zealand.

This location is a good place. For the first time parliament officially met in Wellington on 26 July 1865. As a national capital Wellington is located. Near the high court of the New Zealand. So the supreme court also in the capital Wellington of the New Zealand.

Governor house the official residence of governors. General also opposite at the Wellington. In the capital Wellington there are many historical and culture are discovered about New Zealand. Best museum are also in the city Wellington. Wellington always remain the heart of New Zealand. So Wellington is the political historical and cultural city of the New Zealand.

Wellington Things To Do.

Te Tongarewa Museum:
Te Tongarewa museum is the national museum of New Zealand. Located in the capital Wellington. This museum also known as Te papa or our place. It is merged of the national museum and national art gallery in 1998. Every year many people visit. Te papa Tongarewa museum.

Wellington Zoo:
Wellington zoo in Wellington is the nestled in the green belt of New Zealand. It was the first zoo of New Zealand.

Zealandia known as wildlife sanctuary. That is protected the natural area in the city Wellington.

Botanic Garden:
Botanic garden in Wellington that covers. 25 hectare of land between Thorndon and kelburn. It is also near central of Wellington.

Wellington Cable Car:
This is transportation service in the capital Wellington. This car is relating to a rope. This car is used between Lambton Quay. The main shopping street and Kelburn. Car rising 120m over all length of 612m. Approximately five minutes takes this car on the one way trip.

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