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Canada Capital Ottawa Canada Population

Canada Capital Ottawa Canada Population

The Cool Canada Capital Ottawa Canada. Ottawa is coolest Area that is second number over the world. The food of Canada is very pure. It makes the healthy of the Canadian people. 19 unique and distinctive special things for those people. Who want to travel to Canada’s capital Ottawa.
Some are as under:

  1. Whitewater Rafting.
  2. Museum.
  3. Changing of the guard.
  4. Mosaicuture.
  5. Aqua taxi.
  6. By ward market.

Capital Ottawa Canada Map:

People of Canada are very strong physically. Canada is peacefully outdoorsy country. Canada is second number according to Area all over the world. While Russia is first number all over the world. Canada is the largest continent in the East America. According to population this country Canada is 38 number all over the world. 30% to 40% area of Canada consist on the forests.


Canada city Toronto established in 1750. The total Area of Toronto is 630km square. Total population of Toronto is 2731571.

Canada Capital Ottawa Canada Population Weather & More Details:

Canada Population

The total population of Canada is 39191728. Canada’s weather cool as usual. 15c degree in winter season. The Canadian calling number is +1. Almost 9% water spread around the Canada. The food and drinks are very famous in the Canada.

The use of water is very clean and pure. The largest boarder all over the world between America and Canada. No security forces available on this border. America Attack on Canada two time in 1875 and after 1812 but fail to attack on Canada.

Atlantic ocean also in the Canada. National Flower of Canada is trillium. National Animal is Bear. The French and English language speak in the Canada. Most of the uranium are also available in the Canada and export to other countries.

Canadians people use to eat Cheez in their food. In the Canada there are many lacks that is very beautiful and charming. The largest government park also in Canada. The Area of this park is 30000 km square.

The Canada Beech is also beautiful. Canadians go to Beach for enjoyment. This Beach is around 280000 over the world. The second number of Russia.

Basketball invented in the Canada. It’s not the national play of Canada. The national play of Canada is Ice Hockey. This is government play of Canada. Beside many plays are also play in Canada. Like as Football cricket volleyball etc.

The Currency of Canada is called Canadian Dollar. Canada is outstanding and peaceful country in the 7th number all over the world. A large number of Sikhs and Hindus live in Canada. 30000 Sikhs go to Canada every year and live there permanently. Pakistani also live in the Canada.

Canada Ottawa Location:

ottawa locationThe Canada Capital Ottawa is located in the East of southern Ontario. It is also mostly near the city of Montreal and also near the border of U.S. There are many places near the Ottawa capital. Such as parliament center Hill and attach the museum grand Victorian architecture. National Gallery of Canada is also in Ottawa city. Ottawa is the national capital city of Canada. There are a beautiful park-lined Rieleau canal that is filled. With beautiful small and big boats in the summer and many people enjoy the ice skating in the winter’s season.

Canada Ottawa Weather:

Ottawa WeatherThe weather of capital Ottawa is mostly snow fall especially in the winter season. Maximum and minimum temperature of Ottawa changes due to the climate condition. The Canada country is very fast hence the weather of city Ottawa. Have taken average for previous years. Storm of snow coming in Ottawa place like parliament center and Rieleau street.

Canada Ottawa Population:

Canada Ottawa PopulationCanada capital is Ottawa that is the forth largest city of Canada. Population of Ottawa is estimated 895000 in 2014. But in 2016 the population increase 964743 and metropolitan population of 1323783 in Ottawa. When you think about of Canada. It is a beautiful and attractive country.

Unique things to do in Capital One Ottawa:

Ottawa is the city where some unique things to do for. Those people who travel to Ottawa capital these are as under.
1- Museum
2- Mosaicuture
3- Tavern falls
4- Whitewater Rafting
5- Bridge Alexandra
6- Government parliament centre
7- Biplane flight
8- Aqua taxi
9- Rideau street and canal
10- Byward market
11- Urban ocean
12- Gatineau
13- John rocks
14- Sunset
15- Canada celebration day

Canada Ottawa Things To Do.

Parliament Hill:
Parliament hill is an area of crown land on the southern of the Ottawa river. It is home of the parliament of Canada.

Canada War Museum:
This Canadian war museum is the national museum of military history in the city Ottawa. Canadian history also available in this war museum.

Rideau Canal:
Rideau canal also available in the city Ottawa. This canal is also known as Rideau waterway. The length of this canal is 202 kilometer.

National Gallery of Canada:
National Gallery is located in downtown Ottawa. This building is constructed of glass. The interior of this gallery is used with art, print and drawing.

Total Canada Cities are 51 that Names are:

  1. Toronto.
  2. Vancouver.
  3. Montreal.
  4. Ottawa.
  5. Calgary.
  6. Quebec city.
  7. St.jhon’s.
  8. Windsor.
  9. Kelowna.
  10. Kitchener.
  11. Greater Sudbury.
  12. Kingston.
  13. Saint John.
  14. Oshawa.
  15. Guelph.
  16. Mississauga.
  17. Oakville.
  18. Barrie.
  19. Edmonton.
  20. Winnipeg.
  21. Victoria.
  22. Saskatoon.
  23. Hamilton.
  24. Regina.
  25. Monckton.
  26. Brampton.
  27. Surrey.
  28. Peter Borough.
  29. Brampton.
  30. Prince George.
  31. Sherbrooke.
  32. North Vancouver.
  33. Grand Prairies.
  34. White Horse.
  35. Saguenay.
  36. Bradford.
  37. Waterloo.
  38. Lethbridge.
  39. Toris Rivieras.
  40. Charlotteto.
  41. Vaughan.
  42. Oakville.
  43. Red Deer.
  44. Fredericton.
  45. Markham.
  46. Abbotsford.
  47. Thunder Bay.
  48. Saskatoon.
  49. Halifax Regional.
  50. Regional Municipality.
  51. London.

Canada Capital Ottawa It’s a peaceful homeland all over the world.

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