» » HP World’s First Cartridge-Less Laser Printer 1000w

HP World’s First Cartridge-Less Laser Printer 1000w

HP World’s First Cartridge-Less Laser Printer 1000w

HP World’s First Cartridge-Less Laser Printer 1000w. In this article, we will talk about a revolutionary novelty in the world of printers – HP Neverstop Laser 1000w. A feature of the model is the lack of an integrated cartridge, which makes the use of the device economical and simple. The printer has a huge number of advantages, which we will talk about. The reading time for this article is 6 minutes.

We thoroughly studied the new product, testing its capabilities in the field. As it turned out, HP Neverstop Laser is a real find for printing at home or in small offices.


Features of the world’s first cartridge-less laser printer
Wireless technology
Questions from Telegram Laser Printer 1000w

HP World’s First Cartridge-Less Laser Printer Features

Technically speaking, this Hewlett-Packard printer model is truly innovative. It uses a continuous toner supply system from the internal container directly to the paper. Due to this design, it was possible to get rid of the familiar laser cartridges that every now and then were empty during intensive printing.

The HP Neverstop Laser 1000w is a sleek and competent solution for private and corporate use that requires intensive documentation printing. A model is already sold with a toner filled container. This stock is enough for about 5000 pages, as stated by the manufacturer.

On the case of the printing device there is an informative indicator of the stock of toner. Just look at the mark to determine how soon you will have to refuel.

The most interesting thing about this printer is the process of refueling it. You no longer need to buy cartridges or call the wizards to replace them. Each owner of the HP Neverstop Laser 1000w can do this on their own using a dedicated charging system. Outwardly, it resembles a large syringe.

HP Neverstop 1000w

HP Neverstop 1000w

Next to the toner indicator there is a hole closed by a cover, into which the refueling complex is connected. It is so light and compact that the whole procedure can be performed with just one hand. After fixing the HP syringe in the connector, just press on its upper part to squeeze the toner into the device. 30 seconds and the printer is back in business! And no dirt, dust and rubber gloves. You do not even need to turn off Neverstop Laser to complete this procedure. Everything is done in non-stop mode.

Disposable refueling complex, purchased separately. But the price of this consumable will be pleasant for many. It is small, which allows you to save a lot. Without drinking a couple of cups of latte in your favorite coffee shop, you can provide a print reserve of up to 5000 pages.

laser printer

laser printer


Wireless communication and the lack of a replaceable cartridge design are not the only features of this printing device. Its technical characteristics will best reflect the value of the new generation of printers from HP.

It should be noted right away that the Neverstop Laser 1000w does not have an integrated scanner. Therefore, the main function of the printer is printing black and white documents in A4 format. But you can print a lot, without a break. In the absence of a cartridge, you should not be afraid of overheating and deterioration in the quality of text on paper (print resolution is 600 × 600 dpi).

Practice has shown that the actual print speed corresponds to the declared parameter – 20 pages in 60 seconds. And the first page after turning on the device will be printed in 7.6 seconds! This is probably the best indicator among all the current models of printing machines from Hewlett-Packard. Is it worth mentioning the print quality of documents and black and white photos? It does not raise any questions. Even after 1,000 pages printed, the contrast and color saturation remained the same.

You can load up to 150 medium-density sheets at a time into the input tray. This is enough to print continuously for 8 minutes. And to work with this printer, you can even use high-density paper 120 g / m² .

Another interesting technical feature is the ability to print envelopes. To change the format of the sheets fed, you need to move the “tab” in the tray. This is done in one motion.

To control the printer using the buttons located in the upper part of the housing. At first glance, they seem sensory, but the touch is tactile. So, the keys are mechanical. And here it is an advantage, since sensors are not the most reliable solution in printers.

hp printer 2020

hp printer 2020

The control menu is informative and intuitive. The following keys and indicators are located on it:

on / off;
Wi-Fi Direct button / indicator;
wireless indicator;
key to resume printing after a hitch;
cancel key;
image transfer drum indicator;
Attention! indicator.

In the event of a hitch or problems, the printer will immediately notify the user of this by sending a light signal. Conveniently, the indicator of the amount of toner in the device has several divisions – it changes in real time. You can always find out how much ink is left, and when it is desirable to add it without a print hitch.

Equipment HP World’s First Cartridge-Less Laser Printer 1000w

The Neverstop Laser 1000w comes standard with:

power cord with a European plug;
power cord with american plug;
paper receiving tray;
receiving tray cover;
USD cord for connecting to a computer device.

Wireless technology laser printer

The most interesting in the hero of our review is the technology of wireless communication with mobile and computer devices. The HP Smart Printer Management app is available on Play Market and the App Store for smartphones and tablets . You can also install the program on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The printer has a built-in Wi-Fi module through which the printing device communicates with the paired wireless network. The main thing is that all gadgets are connected to the same network.

HP Smart is an entire remote printer management module that can be located anywhere. The user just needs to press a couple of buttons in the program menu to print the desired document. And do not think that working with documents through a smartphone is inconvenient. From the internal memory of the mobile device – no. But with HP Smart, you can print documents from all cloud services, including Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.

A useful addition to the user will be the Smart Tasks feature. This is a kind of “hot” keys that allow you to configure any action with a document with one touch.

Using the HP Smart app, you can conveniently set up printing. The menus for printing documents and black and white photos are separated, which allowed to pay attention to more subtle settings Laser Printer 1000w. It is unlikely that the user will have problems with the incorrect display of content on the printed sheet. Such management is very different from what we are used to seeing in the standard Print menu in Microsoft Word. It’s like comparing the prehistoric era and the new era of digitalization.

And the printer can print what was photographed on a smartphone. From creating a photo to printing – 15 seconds. And no matter how far you are from the device. Special thanks to the Hewlett-Packard engineers for the built-in scanner function through the camera of a smartphone or tablet! This has long been lacking in modern printing presses.

The main thing is that the software for all types of devices has been translated into Russian. Therefore, problems with understanding and adaptation will not arise.

Questions from Telegram HP World’s First Cartridge-Less

How many thousands of copies will he make before he needs serious repair and replacement of parts?

This printer model does not have a cartridge, which implies a longer life than analogs with a cartridge. One refill will be enough to print up to 5000 pages. No other maintenance is required. All mechanical and electronic parts have an unlimited service life.

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