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Astola Island in Pakistan

Astola Island in Pakistan

Astola Island in Pakistan place for enjoyments in the city of Balochistan. This beautiful island is known as Jazira Haft Talar Satadip or known as island of seven Hills. Astola island is located in the Arabian sea of Pakistan.

25 kilometer South of the near part of the coast area and 40 kilometre southern east of the fishing port. This place is protected area under the convention of Pakistan. Is the best promote tourism in the area Astola island best island in Pakistan.

Astola Island weather:

Astola island weather change as usual according to months. Monsoon weather start 15 April to 15 July at Astola island. Climate change due to the phenomenon. It’s very difficult to go this island during the summer. But in winter its best time for enjoyment at Astola island trip especially December to February.

More things about Astola Island Trip:

Beautiful Astola island is the most attractive for the tourism. It is consist on small seven Hills all around the beech. The area of Astola island is so far away from the city. Minimum 3 hours time going to Astola island through boat. Many beautiful plants are around the island. No human population living there but many fishermen going to Astola island for catching fishes on a large boats or ship.

Dolphins are under water. Water change colouring every time of that area Astola island. There is no building or living place at Astola island. Tourists go and make camping at Astola island for living. As the famous place many tourists like to visit this island.

Food point at Astola Island:

There is no any type of food facilities at this point. No water for drinking and no food. We can sy no food point available at Astola island.

Caves at Astola Island:

Many caves near the Astola island. Super kind of fishes also available in these caves. Fishermen go to under caves and catches the colorful fishes. Lobsters are also in the caves and under water of sea.

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