» » How to Install Fonts in Photoshop and Download Free Fonts

How to Install Fonts in Photoshop and Download Free Fonts

How to Install Fonts in Photoshop and Download Free Fonts

How to install fonts in photoshop CS6, CC and download free fonts. The topic is how different dafonts use in Photoshop that is very easy way .
I tell you the website where you find or search many font in different design.

Let’s Go Download Fonts.

Firstly : Open the Photoshop on the computer screen and there write any word like Orbitbrain text on it. Now how create new font in this text that look charming and beautiful as your requirement.

Method 1 : Go to google.com and search in the google fonts. type 1001 fonts.
Method 2 : Direct link here Download Photoshop Fonts and install fonts in photoshop cs6.

In this website you see many font in many design. Now you select one of them and download on the computer screen. This will be installed in zip file.
After that how install this font in your Photoshop text. Before the zip file be open on your computer screen there find font file .ttf file now drag this file from the zip file on the computer screen.

Let’s Go Install Fonts in Windows 10 / 8 / 7.

Now go to the my computer and go to C Drive there click the window option and open font folder. Now go to download font .ttf file pick up and drag the file font folder. Your font successfully install.
This font can use in many places like a MS Office After Effects etc. Again open Photoshop for just checking. The text that was written be selected and check it in Photoshop again. Now use font it will be use easily in text. You can use many font in many ways.

For full explanation Watch below video how to install fonts in photoshop and download free fonts.

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