» » Half Life Alyx increases the number of VR users on Steam

Half Life Alyx increases the number of VR users on Steam

Half Life Alyx increases the number of VR users on Steam

Half Life Alyx increases the number of VR users on Steam. Recently released on Steam, the game Half-Life: Alyx provided a significant impetus to the promotion of the genre of games in virtual reality. Based on the data received from Valve, it was possible to calculate that in April about 950 thousand VR-points were added to Steam. This is a big leap over the previous month. However, Steam does not indicate how many of these headsets were new devices. However, it is safe to say that the Half-Life VR project significantly influenced the distribution of SteamVR.

Valve affixed data also allows you to find out exactly which virtual reality glasses the players used. According to the company, most often users played using a VR headset called Oculus Quest, the share of which two increased in April. It is possible that this is due to the fact that this device has recently become available for use as a headset for a PC.

The number of Valve Index headset users has also increased. However, the number of its users has not increased so much. Despite the fact that this VR headset is touted as “perfect” for playing Half-Life: Alyx increases the number, its high price is likely to deter potential buyers. It is worth saying that most of the players use Oculus virtual reality glasses (44.6%) or HTC (30.3%).

Despite such a rapid increase in the number of new users of VR headsets in April, they are still not widespread devices. The success of Half Life Alyx may motivate game developers to create similar VR projects VR users on the Steam game, but this will not change the virtual entertainment market overnight.

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