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YouTube Music Received New Explore Tab

By Orbit Brain

YouTube Music Received New Explore Tab

YouTube Music Received New Explore Tab

YouTube Music Received New Explore Tab. The YouTube Music app has a new Explore tab, which makes music search easier and more user-friendly. Apparently, Google is committed to making this application its primary music streaming service. This conclusion can be made on the basis that the company continues to regularly issue fresh updates for it.

The new Explore tab is divided into two categories: new tracks (New releases), as well as moods and genres (moods & genres). In the “new tracks” category, users can find a list of the newest albums, tracks and music videos. It will also display recommendations based on the user’s browsing history.

YouTube Music Received New Explore Tab

In turn, the category “moods and genres” will become a place where users can find entire music playlists. They can be based on a certain genre, or on certain moods, such as relaxation, training, well-being, etc.

YouTube Music News

YouTube Music News

YouTube Music is constantly expanding its range of functionality. This is done in order to compete with top streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The latter have recently received a new update that has added a section of song lyrics on the Now Playing tab. It is expected that this functionality will soon appear in the web version of YouTube Music.

The new update with the Explore tab is available to all users of iOS and Android mobile devices. However, apparently updating the application is very slow. The YouTube Music app is available for download on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.


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