Samsung Galaxy Watch will be able to measure pressure
Samsung Galaxy Watch will be able to measure pressure

Samsung Galaxy Watch will be able to measure pressure. In the near future, the Samsung Galaxy Watch will receive an application that will allow users to measure blood pressure. The Samsung Health Monitor application will be available for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch. It is worth adding that this application has passed the MFDS accreditation.

To start using this function, the user first needs to calibrate the sensor using a blood pressure monitor with a cuff. This must be done in order to increase the accuracy of blood pressure measurements with a smartwatch. After that, every time you measure blood pressure, the watch will use a pulse wave analysis. Galaxy Watch Active 2 will receive data about it from heart rate monitoring sensors.

After that, Samsung smartwatches will analyze the data obtained taking into account the calibration data. After that, the user can get the exact value of blood pressure. The developers of the technology giant Samsung recommend calibrating the sensor every 4 weeks. This must be done so that the results of blood pressure measurements are as accurate as possible.

According to a Samsung spokesperson, the Health Monitor app can help many people who suffer from high blood pressure. He also said that this application is a great example of how Samsung is able to integrate the best equipment with the latest technology. The new feature will be available in the third quarter of 2020. The ability to measure blood pressure will be available for other new smartwatch models.


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