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Xiaomi Introduced Acupuncture Massager

By Orbit Brain

Xiaomi Introduced Acupuncture Massager

Xiaomi Introduced Acupuncture Massager

Xiaomi Introduced Acupuncture Massager If you are familiar with such unpleasant professional symptoms at work, such as fatigue of the hands, muscles of the shoulders and neck, pain in the calves, and this is common, then a new device from Xiaomi may be a panacea for you.

Xiaomi Introduced Acupuncture Massager Yesterday morning an acupuncture massager appeared in the company’s application. Its price is 119 yuan (~ 463 UAH). A palm-sized machine is suitable for all acupuncture points on your body. This unit has incorporated the very best of massage in Chinese medicine. It is great for relieving tension in the hands, relaxing in the neck.

Massager xiaomi massage review

Massager xiaomi massage review

The device contains several massage heads of different sizes. This device simulates pressure during a shiatsu massage, and a deep pressure on the acupuncture points during the procedure is sufficient and accurate. Best Xiaomi Introduced Acupuncture Massager has two speeds that can be adjusted. Rotation at the first speed is 50 r / min, and at the second – 90 r / min.

The design of the massage is so tight that the noise from its work is almost not audible, and you can easily use it in the office without disturbing the people around you. The weight of the device is only 320 g, so even a long massage is unlikely to be tedious.

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