» » Philips Introduced The Kitchen TV With An Assistant

Philips Introduced The Kitchen TV With An Assistant

Philips Introduced The Kitchen TV With An Assistant

The Philips Philips Introduced The Kitchen TV With An Assistant like a Google Assistant virtual assistant. The brand presented a smart TV, which, according to the manufacturer, is best suited for the kitchen. It works with a virtual assistant.

As a rule, if companies present one model of smart TV, then it is often a giant screen and innovative features. But Philips went against this trend and paid attention to the release of a modest at first glance 24-inch TV. The developers are positioning it as an alternative to smart displays. They are often used in the kitchen, for example, to monitor the cooking process and cook it at home. But smart displays are limited to the choice of broadcast content. But the TV will be able to show both YouTube videos and regular cable channels.

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The new Philips is running Android TV (Oreo version) and supports Google Assistant. The TV is equipped with a built-in dual microphone that picks up the user’s voice at a remote distance. In addition, there is a large speaker on which the display is mounted.

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It is reported that the TV LCD display with HD resolution and a viewing angle of 178 °. The device has two HDMI ports, an antenna input, and an Ethernet port. It is also reported that the smart TV supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. So far, only the residents of the USA and Canada can buy the new Philips. The device will cost them $ 300.

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