» » Opera integrates Instagram into its desktop browser

Opera integrates Instagram into its desktop browser

Opera integrates Instagram into its desktop browser

Opera integrates Instagram into its desktop browser. Today, Opera has integrated Instagram into its desktop browser. Thanks to this, users can quickly log into their accounts through Opera.This update is associated with an increased number of active users on social networks. Therefore, companies are trying to add more interesting and useful features for their platforms.

Opera integrates Instagram into its desktop browser

The new version of the desktop web browser (Opera 68) received a built-in Instagram. It is worth adding that the company has already added several instant messengers to the sidebar of the browser Opera integrates Instagram. Among them can be called such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Now users can quickly access the main Instagram feed, as well as live streams and personal messages of the social network.

A representative of the Opera company reported that social networks have become one of the reasons why people are distracted from working with a PC and checking their smartphones. Now users can use social media Instagram on their PC. The company representative also noted that thanks to the integration of the social network into a web browser, it will be much more convenient for users to write personal messages, leave comments and view the feed on Instagram.

To enter your Instagram profile through Opera, you need to select the corresponding icon in the sidebar on the left. Opera integrates Instagram In addition, the Opera feature “Workspaces” has appeared. It allows users to manage various from a single browser window.

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