» » Zoom is trying to regain user confidence

Zoom is trying to regain user confidence

Zoom is trying to regain user confidence

Zoom is trying to regain user confidence. Zoom 5.0 is one of the most popular video call services. However, it has many security issues that the company intends to deal with. It is worth adding that this service was banned for use in SpaceX and Google. Despite this, the number of users of this service continues to grow rapidly. Over the past month, the audience of this service has grown by 50%.

The company recently set up a security advisory board. The main task of this council is to evaluate the application security systems. As an expert, invited the former head of Facebook security. As part of a 90-day security plan announced by the company, 5.0 was announced with many changes.

Zoom , news

Zoom, news

The main feature of Zoom 5.0 is support for AES 256 GCM encryption. Thanks to this innovation, developers are going to provide improved data protection during data transfer. In addition, this will prevent the possibility of unauthorized interference in video conferencing. It is worth adding that the company sent users an update link. The company also promised to provide support for GCM encryption for all accounts until early May. In the new version of Zoom 5.0, administrators will be able to independently choose through which regional data center traffic will pass.

Also to regain user confidence, with the update, a security icon appeared that combines a number of useful features. Now users will be able to quickly close the video chat, block participants and set various restrictions, including on the screen sharing functionality. It’s worth adding that Zoom now includes default passwords for most clients. In this case, system administrators will be able to set a minimum level of password complexity for business users. Zoom 5.0 is available for Android and iOS. Users of the desktop version of Zoom will need to update the client.

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