Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular web browser
Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular web browser

Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular web browser. It seems that Microsoft’s gamble with the Edge browser, which is developed on the basis of Chromium, still paid off. In March, Microsoft Edge occupied about 7.6% of the market.

Thus, he overtook Mozilla Firefox with its 7.2%. However, Microsoft’s web browser is still far behind Chrome with 68.5%. At the same time, for Edge, which has not been there for half a year, this is a real feat.

Microsoft Edge

Obviously, Edge is spreading so fast because it is a standard browser for Windows. Also, the popularity of this version was influenced by the fact that it was developed based on Chromium. This solution allowed us to solve a number of problems that were present in the old version of Edge, developed on Microsoft’s own engine. Thanks to this, the browser began to work faster, and also got the opportunity to install popular extensions, which made it more attractive to users.

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The old version was essentially used to load other browsers. However, now with the expansion of the functionality of Microsoft Edge, Chromium is able to offer users all the necessary functionality. It is worth saying that now web developers may be less inclined to create sites optimized for the Google engine.

In addition, Microsoft is still trying to impose Google competition in the browser market. The company is going to add a new Edge on all devices with Windows 10 as an update to the operating system. Thus, it will be able to increase market share, thereby strengthening its position in second place.


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