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How To Choose A Generator Gasoline, Diesel, Gas or Electric

How To Choose A Generator Gasoline, Diesel, Gas or Electric

How To Choose A Generator Gasoline, Diesel, Gas or Electric. We are all addicted to electricity. Without it, the food in the refrigerator will go bad, the microwave will not heat up dinner, and the water heater will not water, the Wi-Fi router will not distribute the Internet, and the smartphone will not charge. Well, maybe from the bank. And if there is “no light”, there is a way out – turn on the diesel electric gasoline generator. Actually, if this happens often and for a long time. Or in those cases when electricity is not supplied, and without it – nothing. In general, it was decided: we need a generator diesel electric gasoline generator. Today we tell you how to choose it, and help you decide on a model.

Why do you need a generator


Why do you need a generator
How to calculate
Starting power of electrical appliances
Power reserve
Low power generators – is it enough for a home
Why it is so important to calculate the generator power correctly
Gasoline, diesel or gas
What else to look for

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The market includes both miniature – tourist – generators that produce less than a kilowatt , and massive stationary three-phase models that can provide energy to a small production complex or a large country house for 2-3 days. We figure out what generators are in general in 2019 and how to choose the right model: the right type, power and with that set of characteristics that will make your life more comfortable.

Why do you need a generator

First of all, decide what you need the generator for. Most often, as a reserve, when failures occur in the main power supply system, in case of force majeure and emergency situations.

How To Choose A Generator

How To Choose A Generator

Most often, the generator is needed as a backup source of energy. And this is a good safety net in case of problems on the power line. “There is no light,” but you can still do the scheduled homework (vacuum, iron, wash, load the dishwasher and turn it on right away) or relax on the TV couch, in commercial breaks whipping up hot sandwiches in the microwave and making tea. Even the simplest 3-5 kW gasoline generator can power a rather big house.

Concretize. An electric current generator is needed:

during cultural events where lighting audio and video equipment is used: at concerts, exhibitions, fairs, presentations, sports competitions and so on
during repair work , in construction and in production with various electrical equipment
in case of natural disasters for the electrification of temporary living quarters, kitchens, workshops, camp hospitals
on a hike , fishing (a gasoline generator in a boat will help out in a situation with an inoperative engine) , hunting or just outdoors for low-power electrical equipment and lighting
for power supply of commercial and residential buildings not connected to the central electric networks

The generator can also serve as the main source of energy. For example, if it is not possible to connect to a centralized power supply network. At the same cottage. And there is always something you need. Even elementary work with a construction tool – a grinder or a perforator – requires electricity.

In this case, the selection criteria are tightened:

sufficient (but not excessive) power
great motor resource
reliability and ease of use
compactness and weight (relevant during transportation)

And convenience in this case is as important as, say, the reliability of a generator. Every 2-3 hours, day and night, running to the generator to add fuel is a dubious pleasure. As well as looking for service centers after six months, leaving the house without electricity.

And efficiency is always a priority. Cost and fuel consumption have always been decisive factors when choosing a technique.

As for power, it should be selected so that you, including the electrical appliance, do not think about each time whether the generator is overloaded or not. And so that this device turns on. In other words, there should be a margin of power. And we will talk about this in detail.

reliability of a generator

reliability of a generator

Power diesel electric gasoline generator

About any approximate calculations when choosing a generator for a house or a summer house, there can be no question. Precision is important here.

How to calculate, How to choose a generator

There is nothing complicated in calculating the generator power, but there are nuances that are important to consider. If in a nutshell, summarize the power of all individual electrical appliances that you plan to simultaneously connect to the network (for five or more minutes), and make a margin of 20-30%. Note that you can not ignore the coefficients of inrush currents, and the power reserve of the generator. True, and this is far from all. Data shown on labels or instructions. The latter – to almost all models of technology – can be found on the Internet. You will have to decide which of the electrical appliances are extremely necessary and which are desirable.

How to calculate Power

How to calculate Power

An indicative diagram of how to distribute electrical appliances by degree of importance. In the photo, priority ones are highlighted in red, minor ones are green, and low priority ones, those that can be dispensed with when the power is turned off, are blue.

And if a refrigerator and lighting are a necessity, then, for example, a washing machine, an iron or an electric kettle – no longer exists. Although you may have your own priorities.

In addition, in the autumn-winter season, you can not refuse to heat the rooms. Pay attention to the starting electronics of the gas boiler. Does the pump water into the house? Then he, too, must first receive food.

Some current consumers will not be permanently connected to the generator. You can, for example, turn off the lights and watch TV or turn off the microwave and turn on the kettle. And vice versa.

Generator turn off the lights and watch TV or turn off the microwave and turn on the kettle

Generator turn off the lights and watch TV or turn off the microwave and turn on the kettle

Most often, the generator is used in emergency situations with power outages. When choosing a model, decide whether it will power the entire house or individual electrical appliances. And also consider the need to connect additional devices. Perhaps it makes sense to plan for the future increase in consumers.

The generator is characterized by two powers: nominal and maximum. The first is data during normal operation. The second one he gives out briefly when turned on at the peak. If you plan to connect a large number of devices to the power plant, choose a model with resistance to peak loads and increased maximum power.

As a result of miscalculations, you will get the amount in kilowatts, which will be close to real. But you still need to make a margin of power, and before that – take into account inrush currents. Let’s explain.

Starting power of electrical appliances

Starting is called the current that occurs after starting equipment equipped with an electric motor for a short period of time. It is several times higher than the rated power.

Starting power of electrical appliances

Starting power of electrical appliances

In other words, some electrical appliances, when turned on, consume power several times greater than the nominal one diesel electric gasoline generator. Despite the short duration, starting from fractions of a second and ending with several seconds, this affects the operation of electric generators. Ideally, information should be sought in the data sheets of electrical appliances. Each one has their own.

Some manufacturers do not indicate this parameter in the technical specifications. You have to contact consultants or service centers. Moreover, it is important to specify the goals. So, a model with a power of 3.2 kW will not start a 2.2 kW water pump, since when it was selected, the pump starting currents were not taken into account. In this case, we need a power station whose power is more than 5 kW.

The starting current value in everyday life cannot be measured. Use averaged inrush current ratios. So, for an incandescent lamp, it is 1. When you turn it on, without consuming more electricity, it will take “its” 25 or 100 watts.

Air conditioners and washing machines have an inrush current of about 3.5. One of the biggest ratios of the welding machine and pump choose a generator.

Multiply the rated power of the household appliance by its coefficient. And summarize the results.

Below is an example calculation for the scenario “need lighting, a refrigerator and a vacuum cleaner”:

A few 200 W lamps are just + 200 W. They do not need to be multiplied.

Vacuum cleaner average power –1400 watts The inrush current factor is 1.5. Calculate: 1400 W × 1.2 = 1680 W. So much vacuum cleaner needs to start.

If the refrigerator is on, 200 W × 3.5 = 700 W

We summarize: 200 + 1680 + 700 = 2580 W + 20% (power reserve) = 3096 W.

It is clear that in this case choose a generator, with a 3 kW generator, in order to turn on additional devices, the part will have to be turned off so that there is no overload.

The 3 kW model will not pull the water pump. He needs a more powerful power station – from 5 kW. This will be enough to illuminate the house, and do not turn off the refrigerator, and watch a movie.

As you can see diesel electric gasoline generator, calculating the power of the generator is a responsible matter. You can use specialized online calculators. If in doubt, contact our consultants for help.

Power Reserve Diesel Electric Gasoline Generator

Repeat. When calculating the power of the electric generator, determine the sum of the power (in kilowatts), diesel electric gasoline generator simultaneously connected devices and working for at least five minutes, taking into account the inrush current coefficients of each.

To this number add another 20-30%. And this will be the power reserve, which is so necessary in order for the generator to work in optimal mode with a load of 80% of the rated power.

If the power plant serves as a reserve, supplying only home lighting and several household appliances choose a generator, you can limit yourself to a power reserve of 10%. Judging by the reviews, this is quite enough. But if you need a constant source of electricity, do not save, achieving 20-30%.

Low power generators – is it enough for a home

The greatest demand is for low power generators up to 3 kW. We once did a review of the Kraftdele KD 117 gasoline generator.

Low power generators

Low power generators

But today’s bestsellers are the Centaur KBG-283g and the Centaur KBG-258 . These are low power gas generators to choose a generator. Such models – affordable and easy to operate – are most often chosen to connect the “basic” consumers, and these are: a TV, a refrigerator, several light bulbs and the like Choose A Generator.

If you have a workshop in your home that needs power tools, look at models from 6 kW. To work with the welding machine, the best solution is to purchase a specialized welding generator like the Hyundai HYW 210AC or Hyundai DHYW 210AC.

Why it is so important to calculate the generator power correctly

Power is the main and first technical characteristic considered when choosing a generator. If you make a mistake diesel electric gasoline generator, the equipment will not last long: operation at the limit of possibilities reduces the service life, causes overload and subsequent shutdown, and affects fuel consumption.

Overloading the generator, stopping it, or even breaking it are all consequences of incorrect calculations.

The reverse side of the coin is idle power. The power reserve is important, but it must be reasonable and justified.

 Why it is so important to calculate the generator power correctly

Why it is so important to calculate the generator power correctly

Power generators do not like idling either. If you want to buy a device with a large supply of power, so to speak, for the future, you should know: it’s money down the drain. But such models are not cheap. By connecting a minimum of consumers, as an option, several energy-saving lamps and memory for a smartphone to a powerful power plant, you can thereby cause it to quickly overheat.
Gasoline, diesel or gas

Gasoline, diesel or gas

Gasoline, diesel or gas

The next step after determining the power is the type of fuel. The recommendation is this: if you need a model with a power of up to 2-3 kW, take gasoline, if more than 15 kW, then a diesel electric gasoline generator. In the first and second cases, there are no power plants operating on other fuels.

If the power ranges from 3 kW to 15 kW, everything is more complicated. Sometimes everything is decided by the price of equipment and features of operation.

A gas generator is a good option if you need it from time to time as a backup power source.

A gas generator

A gas generator

Vitals Master KLS 2.8b – new in 2019. Gasoline generators are designed for private homes and cottages as a reserve – during temporary blackouts in the network. Among their advantages: compactness, low weight, relative quiet operation, accessibility. In addition, gas-fired power plants are not afraid of frost: they will work even with a big minus

This is a relatively compact type of equipment. Suitable for transportation. In addition, we note the low noise level and availability, but at the same time the price of fuel is not happy.

gasoline generator is ideal as a backup power source when it is rarely and briefly needed.

gasoline generator is ideal as a backup power source when it is rarely and briefly needed.

A gasoline generator is ideal as a backup power source when it is rarely and briefly needed.

Here we recall the so-called motor resource – the number of hours after which the equipment must be sent to a service center for scheduled comprehensive maintenance. In other words, the number of hours is the average indicator of the duration of the generator between repairs. Each model has a different one. Depending on the brand, it ranges from 500 to 3000 hours.

Inverters use gasoline generators economically. Equipped with an engine speed regulator and an electronic ignition system, they change the number of revolutions depending on the load. Electronics controls the voltage level. This has a positive effect on fuel consumption. Work silently. One such is the Konner & Sohnen KS 3500i.

Inverters use gasoline generators economically

Inverters use gasoline generators economically

Inverter generators are perhaps the most advanced technology. Some experts are confident that in the future they will be able to completely supplant conventional models. The competitive advantage of inverters is the output of “pure” voltage without fluctuations and surges diesel electric gasoline generator. Deviations are minimal – up to 2.5%. Medical equipment and a computer in case of differences in the network will not turn off, and the gas boiler start-up unit will not fly out either. Among the disadvantages of inverter generators, we note the high cost.

Diesel generators provide a choice between portable and stationary installation (air and water cooling).

Air-cooled diesel generators are recommended if you have problems with electricity – not uncommon. This is a good reserve. The engine life is estimated at 4,000 hours. Such models are economical. Compared to gasoline competitors, they are more resilient – tuned for continuous operation.

Forte FGD6500E3 air-cooled diesel generator

Forte FGD6500E3 air-cooled diesel generator

If the benefits of civilization are far choose a generator, for use all year round (at the same cottage), you can give preference to a stationary diesel generator with water cooling.

Such models diesel electric gasoline generators, having a motor resource of 40,000 hours, can work around the clock. Moreover, they are very heavy – up to 250 kg. However, there is a plus: the enemies “will not carry away.”

Moreover, they are very heavy up to 250 kg

Moreover, they are very heavy up to 250 kg

It is important choose a generator. Diesel generators are designed for heavy loads. The service life of their reliable and hardy engine is several times higher compared to gasoline. And if you need a generator often and for a long time, in places where there are no electric networks, this is a good choice. But “in reserve” for backup power in everyday life, it is better to prefer an inexpensive gasoline model.

Gas generators are characterized by high efficiency, efficiency and low cost of fuel. In addition diesel electric gasoline generators, it is convenient that there is no need to monitor the fuel level in the tank .

But there are also disadvantages, such as: high cost, enhanced security measures, the difficulty of transporting liquefied gas. The specialist launches the equipment into operation.

The rational choice is dual – fuel generators. You save both on the amount of fuel and its price. However, keep in mind that such models run smoothly for no more than twenty hours. As a source of backup energy are suitable.


Fundamentally, like power and type of equipment. Single-phase (220 V) and three-phase power station (380 V) are completely different devices with their own conditions for operation.

Define yourself like this:

if there are no three-phase consumers in the house, centralized power supply on one line, the choice is obvious – single-phase model (220 V)

It is important. Buying a three-phase power station in a house with single-phase electrical appliances is not worth it. If you turn off one single-phase electric device of 2 kW from a 6 kW generator, the equipment choose a generator will still work at 6 kW, consuming fuel to the maximum. Therefore, it is more correct – both cheaper and more economical – to choose a single-phase model with a capacity of 6 kW. And if you introduce a 6 kW device to the same generator, it will not turn it on, since the rated power of three-phase equipment is distributed in three parts. The point is clear.

If three lines are connected, but you need to reserve one (the one to which the refrigerator, pump station, heating system and so on are connected), a single-phase generator is also needed
If the house has single and three-phase consumers choose a generator, you have two options: purchase two power plants of different designs or one three-phase (380 V), but it is important to observe the uniformity of loads between the lines

Iron Angel EG 5500 E3

gasoline generator Iron Angel EG 5500 E3

The representative of the three-phase gasoline generator is Iron Angel EG 5500 E3 choose a generator. For a house in which there are single-phase and three-phase current consumers, we recommend a three-phase generator as a reserve. 380 V electrical appliances will not be able to operate on one single-phase model, outputting 220 V. In a three-phase power station, the panel has two sockets: 220 V and 380 V. And it will be able to power both the first and second.

If there are 3 phases to the house, you have two ways:

To purchase a three-phase generator and three-phase automation ABP, which independently turns on the power station, when the power disappears in the centralized network. In this case, it is necessary to lay separate lines with the provided uniform distribution of loads between them. Their sum should not be more than a third of the total indicator of the generator power. For example, if the unit is 15 kW, each phase can have no more than 5 kW
Buy a single-phase generator and three-phase ABP in the absence of three-phase consumers. Automation will connect all phases of the network with the generator, and that at the same time will be able to power each of them. The advantage is that you do not have to think about the fact that the loads are distributed evenly

In order not to make complex calculations and not wanting to allow a phase imbalance, and this phenomenon is extremely complex, there are universal models – 220/380 W, so to speak, two in one. Hyundai, for example, has a lot of standing.

diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000LE-3

diesel generator Hyundai DHY 6000LE-3

The universal diesel Hyundai DHY 6000LE-3 choose a generator gives the chance to work at one of three phases. Universal stations are relevant for single-phase consumers, and for three-phase ones. Such a generator is the most functional.

Control Electric Generator

The manual start of the generator is the simplest type. The engine starts with a special cable that you pull on yourself electric generator.

electric generator

electric generator

A manual starter reduces the cost and simplifies the design of the electric generator. To start, you need to pull the handle one or more times. Manual start models cannot be used in automatic backup power systems. Such a launch is permissible for light and compact models of the household class choose a generator. To run a more powerful power plant, more physical effort is needed. And when you consider that the oil thickens at low air temperatures, it becomes clear that in the autumn-winter period this is not the best option.

Powerful models are also equipped with an electric generator electric starter . To start, just press the button on the panel, turn the key in the electronic ignition switch. As an example, the Centaur KBG605Ea gasoline generator with a manual start and electric starter.

KBG605Ea gasoline generator

KBG605Ea gasoline generator

generator Powerful models

generator Powerful models

The electric starter works on the built-in rechargeable battery (12 V). And even for frosty days, this is a good option. You can immediately buy a model with an electric start, or you can independently integrate an electric start block from a battery and an electric starter into it yourself.

Electric start generators are suitable for backup power systems that start the engine on their own if the mains voltage disappears diesel electric gasoline generator.

Generator with ATS – automatic reserve input – a good choice for home and shops with refrigerators and freezers. The electronic control unit gives a signal that the network has disappeared, starting up the equipment.

Automation that works both on and off when current appears on the network is an ideal choice to choose a generator or diesel generator. Thus, you save fuel and do not spray your attention. In addition, power outages are excluded.

The only thing is that automation will not work if the air temperature drops below + 5 ° C. It is necessary to install the generator in a heated room or in a heated container.

Remote start . And it is very convenient. The remote control tuned to an electric starter has an antenna. The generator can be turned on remotely without leaving your home or approaching it.

What else to look for choose a generator diesel electric gasoline generator

Winding material : aluminum or copper . Even the uninitiated know that a copper winding conducts current better, and it copes with loads. Aluminum is very hot. This negatively affects output power and current quality.
Alternator: synchronous or asynchronous type. The first (brush) – with copper winding and carbon brushes – is more expensive. It produces a more stable current choose a generator

Brushless – without winding on the rotor and carbon brushes – has a closed dustproof housing. And this is a plus for durability and noiselessness. Such a generator, because of resistance to short circuits choose a diesel electric gasoline generator, is chosen for welding. Thanks to the protected case, they choose for construction and installation works.

The presence of the stabilization function – AVR , which provides a stable and even voltage at the output. The automatic voltage equalization system is important for modern computer equipment, the starting block of a gas boiler. For such electronics, voltage surges are fatal

It is important . If you plan to use a generator to work with voltage-sensitive consumer electronics, you need a voltage stabilizer. Especially in models with asynchronous generators, in which the output voltage depends on the speed of rotation of the shaft.

Fuel tank capacity . There are models up to 10 liters , there are from 35 and more . This characteristic, together with fuel consumption, affects the duration of the generator’s continuous operation – engine life
Fuel consumption . It characterizes the efficiency of the equipment. Up to 0.5 liters per hour – more than 2 liters per hour diesel-electric gasoline generator

Fuel consumption is affected by the efficiency of a particular model and load, as well as fuel quality, clogged fuel and oil filters.

The presence of an extensive network of service centers , so as not to look for specialists and spare parts for a long time

In conclusion, the obvious, but ignored. Read the manufacturer’s operating instructions. They indicate the required actions and their frequency: cleaning and, if necessary, replacing elements, checking the condition of air, oil, fuel filters, ventilation systems and the like. Do not neglect maintenance. And the generator will work as expected.


So, to choose a generator, you need to decide on:

The purpose, that is, for what exactly is it needed (reserve, main power supply, power for the entire room or individual household appliances)
Power, calculating the load: summing up the power of all individual power consumers that you plan to simultaneously include in the network, taking into account the starting power of each and making a margin of 20-30%
Type of fuel
Number of phases / output voltage (220 and / or 380 V)
Device management and other criteria

As for prices, their range is wide: from UAH 3,500 for household gas generators to UAH 370,000 for high-performance three-phase diesel power plants for manufacturing enterprises choose a generator diesel electric gasoline generator.

You can save by looking at the sections “ Products with discounts ”, “ Promotional offers ” and “ Discounted goods ” choose a generator.

We hope that your choice of generator will be correct. And you can seamlessly and seamlessly receive the necessary current at the right time and in the required quantity.

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