» » Google Meet can now be used for free

Google Meet can now be used for free

Google Meet can now be used for free

Google Meet can now be used for free. Google has officially announced that it will open access to the Google Meet video call service for all Gmail accounts absolutely free. Prior to this, only account holders with a paid G Suite tariff could make video calls. However, now even users of free Google accounts can not only connect to other conferences but also create their own.

It is worth saying that as part of free access to the Google Meet service, a number of restrictions will apply. First of all, users can create conferences for no more than 100 participants. Also, users will be able to conduct online conferences no longer than an hour. After that, the call will be automatically completed, and the conference participants will have to call up again. Google has set such restrictions so that corporate users do not abuse the service.

With Google, social media free video call access will open gradually. Despite the fact that the time of one video conference is limited to 1 hour, the company announced that it will not monitor compliance with this limit until September 30. Due to the pandemic, the demand for video call services has increased significantly. In March, Google expanded the functionality of video calls. However, until now, Google Meet still required a G Suite account.

It is also worth adding that this year Zoom in terms of the number of users outstripped not only Google Meet, but also analogues of the service from Microsoft. In April, the number of Zoom users exceeded 300 million. In addition, this service provides the ability to connect to video calls without registration. However, large companies have banned their employees from using the Zoom service due to their security problems.

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