» » Facebook launched the video streaming service Facebook Gaming

Facebook launched the video streaming service Facebook Gaming

Facebook launched the video streaming service Facebook Gaming

Facebook launched the video streaming service Facebook Gaming. Today, Facebook launched a special Facebook Gaming application for video streaming games, which aims to compete with Twitch and YouTube. This application is currently only available for mobile devices based on the Android OS. The main purpose of this application is the ability to broadcast games, as well as provide the ability for other users to watch streams. The Facebook Gaming app includes a variety of casual games as well as access to gaming communities. Using Go Live functionality, users can download the passage of other mobile games on the same device. In addition, users will also be able to post the stream on their Facebook page.

Streaming service Facebook Gaming

The new application offers users three main services: Watch, Play and Connect. The “Watch” functionality provides users with the ability to watch streams of other users, search for streamers, and also tear off their own video broadcasts. The “Play” service is a place where users can instantly start playing games without downloading them. In turn, the Connect service provides users with the opportunity to join gaming communities.

There are no ads in the Facebook Gaming app yet. The company plans to monetize the application using a donation fee. When viewers send streamers “stars” representing certain amounts of money, the company will receive its share from them. Facebook officials said they want to create their own gaming community before introducing other ways to make money.

Today, the audience of Facebook is far from the popular services Twitch and YouTube. However, over the past few years, the number of viewers on Facebook has been constantly growing. It is also worth noting that more than 700 million of its 2.5 billion monthly users of social networks constantly go to the game section. Currently, the Facebook Gaming app can only be downloaded from the Google Play store. The iOS version will be released a little later when it is approved by Apple.

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