» » Cuddle party and Why It Is Not As Strange As It May Seem At First Glance

Cuddle party and Why It Is Not As Strange As It May Seem At First Glance

Cuddle party and Why It Is Not As Strange As It May Seem At First Glance

Cuddle party and cuddle comfort why it is not as strange as it may seem at first glance cuddle parties cuddle sanctuary in russia. How difficult is it to hug a stranger? I am standing in the company of three dozen people in a sunset-lit loft on the roof of a shopping center. Ottomans and soft carpets are scattered around, music is playing softly. We came to the cuddle party cuddle comfort – a party where strangers, as a rule, people come to cuddle, or to massage each other, or to dance, or just to talk. In theory, this should have a psychotherapeutic effect cuddle sanctuary, but so far I, who came here for the first time, have only anxiety. “Horror,” as one of the regular participants said later.

Despite the fact that at first glance the idea may indeed seem strange, as if this is some kind of sect, the cuddle party has already been held in Moscow many times (cuddle parties russia announcements are posted on Facebook ) and are rapidly spreading across Russia and the CIS. Now the parties are held in 13 cities, and the pioneer kaddl-party in Russia, the tactile therapist Masha Zobnina, claims that soon there will be even more.

Alyona from Yekaterinburg held five meetings, but already feels that “it turns out exactly what you need: cuddle sanctuary create a safe space in which people can trust each other and relax.” Yes, it is still strange cuddle parties, but, as I managed to find out, these parties are a really working way of taking a break from the city jitters and even loving myself (and others) a little more.

cuddle party Russia

cuddle party Russia

The cuddle party (or simply Caddles russia) did in fact come up with two New York family therapists. Before that, they had already studied tactility, in particular non-conventional massages. On their website, caddles are described as parties that help explore communication, boundaries, and affection cuddle sanctuary. Masha Zobnina says that her path largely repeated the history of foreign caddles cuddle parties . She also did massages, where she helped people to relax with gentle touches, until her friend met one of the founders of the caddle party in the US and told her the idea. Zobnina caught fire and tried to hold the first caddle party in Russia. Despite the lack of experience and embarrassment, I liked everything myself and the participants: “Some who were the first time still walk.”

Three rules of the cuddle parties:

No means no

No sex contact

Safely treat the space around you and yourself cuddle sanctuary

With the advent of Zobnina, which organizes and moderates the caddle cuddle parties, it becomes a little calmer. She offers to sit in a circle, talks about the rules and begins to meet. After a session of meditation and exercises in pairs. The free part – during which you can approach each of the participants – takes three and a half hours. All this is difficult for beginners: the atmosphere in the cuddle party seems very dense. Mood – both good and bad – can be transmitted at once to several participants. “Someone needs to express a little bit, cry, and if a person has very strong experiences cuddle parties, to help return to reality,” says the organizer.

I decide first to leave the comfort zone. “I’m sorry, can I put my head on your shoulder?” – I say to the girl standing next to me. I’m still very scared, so putting your head seems to be the easiest way to start a conversation. “Yes, of course,” she replies with a smile. I relax for a while, confident that the first step is laid. It attracts people – soon we are already the four of us. Shame gives way to serenity, but fear does not go anywhere. Thanking everyone for a while, I leave for a while.

cuddle comfort cuddle parties Russia

cuddle comfort cuddle parties Russia


“Music, quiet conversations, compliments and hugs make me think

that, being under constant stress from my studies and work, I completely forgot how to relax”




Having left the first group, I start to get embarrassed again. By this time, everyone had already broken up into pairs or larger groups. Therefore, I was convinced that I needed to continue to communicate with people cuddle comfort. At this moment, the support of the moderator is most important – and Masha pulls me out of the crowd. I talk about the fact that it is difficult to approach people and ask a question directly, but for some reason this seems obligatory. She speaks less than me and advises you to take it easier. And then offers something strange: rub his forehead on my back. It seems unnatural, but I agree – and it finally works: anxiety goes away cuddle sanctuary.

After the cuddle party, Masha tells me that thanks to her caddles, it became easier for her to communicate with people. “You recharge this atmosphere over and over again and then use it in life.” And I seem to understand what she is talking about: music, quiet conversations, compliments and hugs make me think that, being under constant stress from my studies and work, I completely forgot how to relax.

cuddle sanctuary

cuddle sanctuary

When every day you have to do something. And sometimes only in order not to feel lazy: rest seems to be something alien and hostile. Perhaps that is why at first the party made me anxious. And it is pacification that helps me to get rid of such a point of view and even to love myself a little.

Because of this feeling, when you open something new to yourself every time, there are so many participants returning to the caddle-party Russia cuddle party, some of them even walk constantly. Of the approximately 35 participants, only 15 are the people who first came to the party. They come back for an experience that can be unique every time, says regular participant Sasha. “I had it when I wanted to just wallow with someone all evening, it was when I was dancing and didn’t want to interact with anyone at all, it was when I just sat and looked at what was happening and wildly enjoyed it this is all the time differently. ”

“What are they doing in the cuddle party? Learn to be people. ”

Someone, like Sasha, the caddle party, helped to treat his body differently, to socialize someone, and even to learn to refuse someone. But in the end, the goal of the caddles is only to make everyone just at least a little better. That is, even observing what is happening in the cadders can be enjoyable cuddle comfort – Sasha especially highlights the moment when he realized that he “is pleased to look at how good other people are russia.”

When Masha announces that within ten minutes her free time is running out, it’s hard to believe: the party is passing fleetingly. In the end, everyone thanks each other, sits in a circle and shares their impressions. They can be completely different: someone could relax, but someone, on the contrary cuddle comfort, did not have enough contacts. Someone even complains that a culture of harmony in a kaddla could be adopted also outside of it – and our life would indeed be simpler if we at least began to greet our neighbors or our colleagues in openspace. It is already dark when we go to the subway and communicate as if we have known each other for a long time cuddle comfort.

When I asked why such parties are important, Masha replies: “Because this is such a world as healthy as possible.” But she adds that her mother answered this question best of all: “What do they do with cads? Learn to be human. ”

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