» » Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush How To Connect Xiaomi Toothbrush App

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush How To Connect Xiaomi Toothbrush App

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush How To Connect Xiaomi Toothbrush App

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush How To Connect Xiaomi Toothbrush App Smart devices continue to expand our daily life with you. A dozen years ago, we were amazed at the first smartphones and vacuum cleaning robots that appeared in our market, and today we already have smart teapots , smart animated wares and even “smart” toothbrushes .

An electric toothbrush is a useful device, but in our area it is still only gaining popularity among users. Therefore, today we will talk about how to connect to a smartphone and how to work with Xiaomi’s “smart” toothbrush – MiJia Sound Electric Toothbrush .

Its trick is that, unlike standard electric brushes, which are abundant in our market, it can make up to 31 thousand oscillations per minute at peak load. It is also made of good-quality white plastic (like most devices of the brand), has IPX7 protection, which allows it to contact with water without any problems, and charges from a wireless docking station that can be connected to the mains, even to a smartphone Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush. Well, a detailed review of the gadget from Xiaomi can be found in the video below, and we will proceed to step-by-step instructions for connecting this interesting hygienic device to a smartphone and consider all the possibilities that we open with the Mi Home app Xiaomi Toothbrush App.

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  • Installing the Mi Home app Xiaomi Toothbrush App
  • Connecting Xiaomi MiJia Sound Electric Toothbrush
  • What features are available in the application
  • Who can use Xiaomi electric brush?
  • Cleans and clever: review of electric toothbrushes
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Installing the Mi Home app


Xiaomi Toothbrush App Whatever device from the ranks of “smart” gadgets from Xiaomi we used, to interact with the smartphone and access to additional features, we need the Mi Home application, which is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones . For those who use Xiaomi smartphones, you can skip this item – the Mi Home application is installed in almost all default models.

After installation, the application prompts you to select a location. Depending on which market your toothbrush was launched for, you can select Europe (Europe) or Mainland China (Mainland China). If you have no idea for which market your device is adapted to, then you can change the location later in the settings.

Now we just have to log in using the Mi-account. If you already have one, log in with your login, and if not, you need to create a new account. The procedure is quite standard and understandable to most users, so we will not focus on it.

Connecting Xiaomi MiJia Sound Electric Toothbrush

After all the manipulations with the installation and the input on the main page of the application you will see the inscription “User House …”, and all devices connected in the future will be displayed in the list below. To add a new gadget you need to click on the “plus” in the upper right corner or the button “Add a device”

Now it’s time to turn on the toothbrush, for which you need to press a single button on the case, and also turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. Xiaomi MiJia Sound Electric, as well as all the other elements of a “smart” home, can be connected to a smartphone in two ways: faster using Bluetooth search or manually, which will take a little longer.

In the first case, select the “Devices nearby” option, and then the search for devices available nearby will start. When your toothbrush is “found”, you need to click on it and then allow it access to your Wi-Fi network by entering a password. To complete the pairing, press and hold the button on the brush body for 3 seconds.

If it is more convenient for you to connect everything yourself, then instead of the “Devices nearby” item, select “Add manually”. From the proposed list, we find the item “Health”, in which our toothbrush is located. We click on it and, yes, now the search for devices using Bluetooth will also begin. Also, as in the previous case, we give the brush access to Wi-Fi and finish pairing with a 3-second button hold on the gadget case.

If everything is done correctly, then on the screen you should see a message about successful connection Xiaomi Toothbrush App.

In the next window, you can rename the device or give access to the use of a toothbrush to other family members. The latter makes it possible to use one gadget to several households on condition of changing the tip with the brush itself, which can be purchased separately. Economical option, but the work is not the most convenient.

The most convenient way is to use Xiaomi individual toothbrushes, which is quite logical. And in order that in a number of identical devices not to confuse his toothbrush, the manufacturer took care of the labeling. To do this, just put on the bottom of one of the colored rubber bands, which are bundled in three versions, and each family member can choose their own color.

What features are available in the Application Xiaomi Toothbrush App

Immediately after connecting, the user will be offered a detailed overview of the operation of the device. Here you can find information on how the gadget itself is arranged, what these or other light indicators mean, how to properly install a toothbrush attachment, how to mark your accessory with a rubber band, how to choose the right brushing mode, how to properly store and how to properly care for teeth. Very informative and always at hand.

On the main screen, you will see an assessment of the quality of your teeth cleaning. The brush has a built-in gyroscope, which captures the user’s movement and allows you to analyze the quality of routine dental care. If somewhere you have faked and some area has not been processed sufficiently, the application will notify you of this and make sensible recommendations.

A daily summary of the quality of your teeth care will be displayed below. In the center you can see the number of days that remained until the nozzle change. The recommended time to use one nozzle is 90 days. And this figure is not taken from the ceiling – dentists from all over the world recommend changing their toothbrush (even if it is usual, even with an electric one) at least once every 3 months. A neglect of the recommendations of dentists usually leads to more frequent meetings with them. Does anyone miss the sound of the drill?

In the item with the settings, you can set the duration of teeth cleaning (2 or 2.5 minutes), select the cleaning mode (For beginners, Gentle, Superior, Standard), as well as use additional functions: Additional whitening (+ 30 seconds), Gum care ( + 30 seconds) or Language cleaning (+ 10 seconds).

In addition to the settings of the operating modes, there are also general settings in which you can find a detailed or brief user manual, learn useful facts about health, check for software updates, or remove the device from your smartphone.

Who can use Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush?

Who can use Xiaomi electric brush?

Who can use Xiaomi electric brush?

Due to its reasonableness and sensible software, Xiaomi MiJia Sound Electric Toothbrush is suitable not so much for geeks as for all those who care for their health and those who love their dentist, but at a distance. Of course, no matter how tricked your brush is, it is necessary to undergo a regular check-up at the doctor at least once a year. But high-quality cleaning will save your teeth more reliably, save you from additional stresses, and your budget from impressive costs. And still such brush will introduce novelty in so routine occupation, as daily toothbrushing in the morning and in the evening. If the minutes you spend in the bathroom on hygiene procedures are not included in the list of your favorite pastime, then such a gadget can refresh your relationship with them.

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