» » Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specifications

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specifications

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specifications

Today we discuss on the vehicle the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specifications, king of all roads. It also tackles the most challenging desert tracks and high mountains ranges.the land cruiser has a beautiful design ,luxurious interior and wonderful exterior.
To see just of the amazing features and specifications by the land cruiser. Check out these 2018 Toyota land cruiser features and specs.

1 – Engine :

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Engine

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specifications 2018 5.7 L engine which give you easy acceleration with automatic transmission in the vehicle. It has heated seats and heated starring wheel.

2- Air Bag :

Air bag

The main purpose of air bag is to provide the safety during a crash events. During the crash events,air bag be open and safe the passenger.

3- Cool Box :

Cool Box

The cool box that give you the storage food drinks and other things you need during the travels.

4- Multimedia Steering :

Multimedia Steering

This function is set in front of the steering. It has 6 options that is related to the LED screen . All control like sounds , up and down music, USB on the steering.

5- Climate Control :

Climate control

A climate control is a complex system that requires routine maintain for increase seasonal performance. A vehicle’s climate control system work on environment. It also control the internal temperature of vehicles.

6- Cruise Control :

Cruise Control

The cruise control that automatically control the speed of the vehicle during travels cruise control that maintain the speed as set by the vehicle driver on the road . It can easy for the driver to control the speed .

7- Radar :

Toyota Land Cruiser Radar

It is cruise control switch. Dynamic radar that is related vehicle to vehicle distance control . The land cruiser automatically accelerates in order to maintain the following distance. It also indicator distance vehicle to vehicle.

8- Sunroof :


It is automatic sunroof that is like a glass panel and it is set uper the car roof which allow the fresh air and light to the passenger .sunroof is available in many shapes , sizes and design.

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