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OneUI 2.0 Tested On Galaxy S10

OneUI 2.0 Tested On Galaxy S10

OneUI 2.0 Tested On Galaxy S10 Android 10, OneUI, OneUI 2.0, beta Samsung has not yet announced the release of OneUI 2.0 based on Android 10, but there are already first impressions of it. There was a video with the work of the new firmware on the Galaxy S10.

Portuguese blogger published a video review of OneUI 2.0. He demonstrated the operation of the Galaxy S10 running this firmware. According to experts, most likely, the video shows an early assembly for developers, since only minimal OneUI design changes are visible. The final version will probably look different.

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However, experts noted several key points that Samsung developers have already introduced from Android 10 OneUI 2.0 into their shell. In particular, it can be seen that they finally made a more complete gesture control. So, the “Back” and “Home” buttons are no longer there – they have been replaced by moving along the display to the side and up.

The “curtain” with quick settings at the top of the screen now immediately opens to the full screen, and the user does not have to make unnecessary movements. In quick settings, the icon of the Link to Windows function for working with a PC has appeared. It was presented along with the Galaxy Note 10 , and, apparently, it will appear in the future, at least in the Galaxy S10. Presumably, the OneUI 2.0 beta will begin open testing after October, when it is presented at the Samsung Developers Conference.

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