Microsoft To Do Application Adapted For Use With Mac
Microsoft To Do Application Adapted For Use With Mac

The popular Microsoft To-Do application for a long time bypassed the Mac platform, but finally the program was adapted for it. According to the developers, it is 100% using AppKit.

Released in the spring of 2017, the application has long been compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, but the Mac remained uncommon to the last. But now users, for example, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air , are free to install the program on them and use Microsoft To-Do not only on the iPhone , as it was before.

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Similar to other versions of the application, a person can access various functions, such as working offline, adding tasks to My Day, adding notes to tasks. Also, using the application, you can share a to-do list with colleagues or family and so on.


In the Microsoft To-Do version for Mac, users can edit tasks directly from the list of scheduled tasks. Also, the developers have added a tag menu. It will pop up as soon as the user enters # in the task bar (in the photo above). The program is already available in the Mac App Store .


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