» » Disney Movie & Marvel The Migration Of Avengers From The Movie To The TV Series & back

Disney Movie & Marvel The Migration Of Avengers From The Movie To The TV Series & back

Disney Movie & Marvel The Migration Of Avengers From The Movie To The TV Series & back

A bunch of Marvel and Disney the migration of Avengers from the movie to the TV series and back Avengers Disney Movies premiere TV shows

Marvel and Disney + Studios announced their plans for the fourth phase of the film universe development, dedicated to comic book heroes. Follow the “Avengers” will be on the series and movies.

The essence of the new collaboration between Marvel and Disney + is that without watching the TV series that will be released on the Disney streaming platform, it will be difficult to understand some of the plots of future films in the series. The first project of the so-called fourth phase will be the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The premiere of this series will be held in the autumn of 2020. The characters Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will face Baron Zemo, with whom the Avengers fought in the film The First Avenger: The Confrontation Disney Movie. But the story itself unfolds after the events of the painting “The Avengers: Final” Disney.

The next project of Marvel and Disney + will be the WandaVision series, which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2021. It will reveal the history of the relationship between the Red Witch and Vizhenom. In addition Disney Movie, in this project, viewers will learn how and why the heroine Elizabeth Olsen will appear in the film “Dr. Strange in the Multiverse Madness”. The premiere is scheduled for May 2021.

Back in the spring of 2021, the series “Loki”, dedicated to one of the most charming heroes of the series “The Avengers”, will be released premiere TV shows. God tricks will again play the British actor Tom Hiddleston. He will appear to the audience not in the role of the good-natured man, who joined the fight of his brother Thor, but in the more familiar image of the selfish Loki, heading for the sake of his goal Disney Movie.

Disney , Marvel , premiere , TV shows , movies

Disney , Marvel , premiere , TV shows , movies

Further plans for Marvel and Disney + release of the series “Hawkeye.” Hero performed by Jeremy Renner viewers will see the fall of 2021. In the story, he will become the teacher and coach of the rapidly growing new superhero Kate Bishop.

Loki joins the team of heroes Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Disney Movie
Marvel is preparing for Disney + an alternative story of superheroes
Disney + streaming service will bring together content from Marvel and Pixar Disney Movies premiere TV shows

In addition to the TV series Disney, the following pictures of Marvel Studios will appear on the big screen: “The Black Widow” (May 2020), “Eternal” (November 2020), “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” (February 2021), “Thor: Love and Thunder” ( November 2021) and Blade (without a release date yet).

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