» » Dell New Laptops accidentally posted renderings

Dell New Laptops accidentally posted renderings

Dell New Laptops accidentally posted renderings

Dell New Laptops accidentally posted renderings Today, Dell is one of the top laptop manufacturers. Recently, the case company revealed the appearance of the new XPS 15 and XPS 17. The technology giant accidentally uploaded the image of new laptop computers to its network on its website. Soon, however, the image data was deleted from the Dell website. It is worth saying that recently Razer, MSI, and Gigabyte have officially unveiled their new gaming laptops. Despite the fact that these announcements were not held as part of an event, Dell still decided not to show their new laptops.

Dell New Laptops accidentally posted renderings

The laptops that are shown on the right side of the picture look like the XPS 15 and XPS 17 of 2020. At the same time, the two lower devices are apparently an update to the Dell Precision line. This conclusion can be drawn, given the fact that the half-open laptop on the left has a numeric keypad, which was not previously available on XPS models. The Precision ports are also located closer to the front of the chassis, and the XPS 15 and XPS 17 ports are located closer to the back of the portable device.

At the moment, there is no accurate information about the characteristics of future new products. However, the image leak confirms some parameters of the new laptops. One of the main features in the new items is the USB-A port, which is used in all laptops in the image. Also in the picture, you can not see the proprietary Dell port for charging. From this one can conclude that new laptops will be charged via the USB-C port.

It is also worth saying that the SD card slot in the XPS 17 model is visible on the image. In addition, the new laptops, apparently, got quite large speakers. They are located on the sides of the keyboard. In addition, the trackpad along with the keyboard in new laptops will be slightly larger than its predecessors.

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