» » Apple iOS Has Allowed Downloads Of 200 MB Files OverThe Internet.

Apple iOS Has Allowed Downloads Of 200 MB Files OverThe Internet.

Apple iOS Has Allowed Downloads Of 200 MB Files OverThe Internet.

Apple Mobile iPhone users Finally it happened! We have good news for Apple iOS users. Now they will be able to upload files of 200 MB in size via cellular.

We all know well how many restrictions and prohibitions the Apple operating system has. Some seem strange, and others are sometimes quite and useful. But, if we compare it with the direct competitor of the Android OS, then here you clearly begin to understand the whole oddity of the situation.

After all, any version of Android has practically no prohibitions and restrictions. If earlier, in its defense, iPhone users were telling about viruses that can be downloaded to an Android smartphone, now this is not the case. In terms of security, both mobile OSs are almost the same, but Apple iOS limitations are still present. What is sometimes very unhappy owners of such devices.

Gradually, the company is trying to correct the situation, trying to keep up with the times. And so, literally this week, she raised the cell download limit for the iPhone and iPad , which allows users to download large files from Apple stores, including apps, games, video podcasts, iTunes Store movies, and more. The download limit in the mobile network has been increased from 150 MB to 200 MB.

iPhone users

iPhone users

The file size limit does not allow Apple Mobile iOS users to accidentally download a large game through the mobile Internet, thereby exceeding the limit of their operator. Nevertheless, the restriction of cellular communication is often perceived as a stupid function, because Apple does not offer the ability to override the restriction and force the download to complete successfully.

Apple Mobile IPhone users with an unlimited (unlimited) data transfer tariff are still prohibited from downloading applications and games larger than 200 MB. This fact can already be called infringement of consumer rights.

Perhaps the company’s developers should use the restriction in the form of a warning informing the user that he is going to download a large file. And enter the button “Continue download”, allowing to complete the installation at the discretion of the user. Even users with limited tariff plans may occasionally need a large application. And the limit does not allow this.

Recall that the last increase occurred two years ago, in 2017, when the limit was raised from 100 MB to 150 MB. By analogy, the next increase to 250 MB should be expected no earlier than 2021?

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