» » 5g Dangers Meteorologists Warn 5G Networks Interfere Meteorological Predictions

5g Dangers Meteorologists Warn 5G Networks Interfere Meteorological Predictions

5g Dangers Meteorologists Warn 5G Networks Interfere Meteorological Predictions

5G Dangers Meteorologists Warn, 5G VS 4G, 5G Technology PPT, 5G Technology PDF & 5G Technology Wikipedia

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA and the Navy have issued warnings that the 24 GHz band used by the US to open 5G networks will interfere with the data collection frequency band of climate sensors, resulting in a 30% reduction in weather prediction accuracy.

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Meteorologists warn 5g Dangers, 5G networks will interfere with meteorological predictions, and accuracy will degrade to the 1980s

5g Dangers According to Wired, Neil Jacobs, acting director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), reported in Congress that 5G networks will interfere with climate sensor data collection, reducing weather forecast accuracy by 30%. %, returned to the level of the 1980s.

Meteorologists use sensors to detect weak frequency signals emitted under various atmospheric conditions. Meteorological satellites monitor various frequency bands to collect data and predict weather. They monitor water vapor in the 23.8 GHz band in the 36-37 GHz band. Monitor the rain and snow, monitor the temperature in the 50.2~50.4 band, monitor the cloud and ice in the 80~90 GHz band, and judge the weather change by the signal strength detected in these bands (5g technology ppt and 5g vs 4g – 5g technology pdf).

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5g vs 4g 5g technology wikipedia

5g vs 4g 5g technology wikipedia

Therefore 5g technology wikipedia, if other signals appear in these frequency bands, it will interfere with the collection of meteorological information, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened the bid for the 24 GHz band in March this year for use as a 5G network. (5g Technology PDF)

The current issue is that the 24 GHz band is too close to the 23.8 GHz band for measuring water vapour. Meteorologists are concerned that 5G network signals based on the 24 GHz band will interfere with the collection of water vapor signals, which will directly affect weather forecasting. The accuracy (5g technology pdf).

Not only NOAA, but NASA and US Navy also warned about the seriousness of the incident. For example, the US Navy said that if other countries follow up with the US to open the 24 GHz band for 5g Dangers, then its impact will be global, and the wrong data may cause precipitation, sea level or tropical cyclone analysis misalignment. And thus affecting Fei’an / Hang’an or combat operations.

US Senators Ron Wyden and Maria Cantwell asked the Trump administration to address the 24 GHz possible interference with weather forecasts in order to allow industry players to implement 5G services in this band.

In fact, in addition to the 24 GHz band, the FCC is expected to bid in the third wave of 5G bands opened in December this year, and also involves other meteorological data collection bands. The FCC is expected to formally respond to questions raised by the outside world next month (5g technology ppt 5g technology wikipedia report).

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