Qualcomm Announces Partnership With BOE
Qualcomm Announces Partnership With BOE

Qualcomm Announces Partnership With BOE. Qualcomm has announced a partnership with BOE to jointly develop and manufacture flexible screens with a fingerprint scanner called 3D Sonic.

It is worth adding that BOE is one of the main players in the display market. In addition, the US company has already begun work on integrating its security systems into flexible screens from BOE. The company also said that this would provide OEMs with a more rational product for their devices.

A Qualcomm spokesman said the company is constantly striving to establish cooperation with Chinese partners. This partnership will enable the creation of innovative technological developments and will open up more opportunities for creating screens with 3D Sonic technology new tech news.

The company believes that the new cooperation will streamline the supply chain, significantly reduce the cost of research and the price of the final product. According to Qualcomm, new devices with this technology will appear in the second half of this year.


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